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Our flexible system enables you to choose on how you’d like to partner with us and can choose from any one of our existing models or customize your own model to yield maximum benefits.



Our introducer program encourages focussed individuals and organizations to tie up with Belfrics with a goal of finding prospective clients and business. Introducers require neither business experience nor investment but are expected to have a strong network of potential clients that they can introduce Belfrics to. Belfrics will enter into a partnership with the introducer such that for every client that is introduced by the said party who commits to doing business with Belfrics, a commission will be paid. The introducer program is a great opportunity for individuals and organizations who have a strong network of people with an interest in or need for the products that are offered by Belfrics.



Our franchise program enables ambitious individuals and organizations to partner with Belfrics with an aim to bring clients and business to the table. The franchise would be entitled to set up their own office as per Belfrics’ branding requirements and would be expected to provide personalized support to the clients that it has brought through the doors at Belfrics. This would require the franchisee to have some business experience as well as capital. Franchisees can market Belfrics’ entire range of products. This partnership will be centred around the introduction of clients and development of business by the franchisee for Belfrics which will be rewarded with healthy commissions and benefits based on business volume.

Channel Partner

Channel Partner

The objective of the Channel Partners is to acquire clients for Belfrics and provide support in marketing and business development activities. The channel partners earn competitive rebates and commissions based on business volume. The sales and marketing support will be provided to channel partners at various scales based on their performance. Channel partners could include small business houses, financial advisors, real estate agents, mutual fund advisors or any other organization with business acumen, a strong network, and sufficient capital. Channel partners who deliver the best results will be provided an in-house training opportunity at our Belfrics office.

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  4. Submit your KYC
  5. KYC Approval
  6. Sign off the agreement
  7. Viola !!! You are on board the partner

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